Welcome to Pika’s!

The Pika’s Project was first established in December of 2012 by Jamie Chu when she was in search of German’s Chocolate Cake, the classic American dessert. After realizing that no bakery in Beijing specialized in making traditional Western-style cakes, she decided upon herself to develop recipes that would cater to those in need of simple, delicious, and hearty desserts without all the processing and preservatives. (German’s Chocolate Cake is now considered Pika’s signature confection.)

Originally just an avenue for making quality home-made American-style cakes, cookies, and cream available to those in Beijing, Pika’s has quickly evolved in to a small business that promotes food health safety and community awareness. Check out the Events page to see how you can participate and support your charities in China too.

Pika’s runs on a “sustainable baking” business model and each pikacake is freshly baked with quality organic ingredients sourced from local farmers. All products are made-to-order to minimize energy and food waste, while also ensuring freshness and quality, so custom orders are also welcome. Perfect for birthdays and any other social occasion, pikacakes are cakes that your mother would be proud of.